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Portable .exe file to pick colors from the screen. Just drag-and-drop the mouse from the little box to the screen. The color is automatically copied into the Windows clipboard.

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AuthorDavid Capello


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EyeDropper.exe 618 kB


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By the way MacOS users, there is a program like this. Go to Finder, Applications, Utilities, and then find the application 'Digital Color Meter' it comes preinstalled. 

Hey Dacap, can you please add an option to turn on TopMost mode for the eyedropper window? That would be helpful for some of your users

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This little app is so useful, I use it every day. Awesome work!

One little bug I've found: When using multiple monitors, I've noticed that the source of the eyedropper window can sometimes be really "off" (the area its picking color from does not match where the mouse is).

I haven't figured out exactly what causes this, as I've noticed it isn't always consistent. My guess is that it might have something to do with my monitors being different resolutions (1600x900 and 1920x1080), or it could also be the DPI scaling is different on each monitor (one is 100%, second monitor is 150%). Because if I unplug my second monitor and only use the main display, I don't notice any issues with Eyedropper then.

Either way, I've been able to get around the bug by moving whatever window I want to pick colors from to the "main" monitor, or just restarting Eyedropper.exe a couple times.

It's not a huge issue, but just wanted to make you aware of it.


Pro Tip to anyone else downloading this app: You can use AutoHotKey to set Eyedropper to start from a hotkey shortcut. I use [Windows Key] + [N] to launch Eyedropper. It's super useful!

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A wonderful app i found it by surfing on itch randomly an god i'm happy thx man ! Btw aseprite is awesome ;)


Nice app! An idea to make it slightly more minimalistic and functional. Remove the "Hex" button and just cycle through different modes when user clicks on the code field. Show something like [RGB: 128,10,255], [HSB: 269, 245, 255], [HEX: #800AFF] and remember last mode that was used.

Could you make a small index of the most recent colors?


Hi Arks, I'm taking note about your idea for a future version.

Hey David, I just wanted to let you know that I am still using your app on daily basis, and with it also wanted to know if you can add a setting that would make it default to hex over RGB, as I find it a lot more handy for quickly pasting colors.