You are a little housefly trying to be free. One-act escape room game.


  • WASD or arrow keys to fly around
  • + and - to change volume
  • 0 for mute

Developed for LudumDare #23 in 48hs:

AuthorDavid Capello
Made withOpenFL
Tagsescape, room


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muy divertido!! :D

Very nice game :) can we count on a continuation / 2nd part?

Also came from the Aseprite website.

An escape room with direct control? I don’t know any others, except… live escape rooms.


great music




super cute!


funny game, very good , I like it!


I found this while sneaking around aseprite repo and then David's website. Creative plot, cool art, and quite funny! It's a neat game, good job!


haha i  like it 


Yes, I am a free fly now, hahah :D


jajaj genial :D

(1 edit) (+1)

This game is really funny

but really short :(


Thanks for your comment ^–^ And yeah, it's a shame that Housefly is so short :( it was made in a LudumDare in 48hs, but I would like to explore more this kind of game where you have to escape a room.